Cars / Campers / Vans

Before a vehicle is handed over it is given a complete mechanical check by Darren. Any faults found that are critical to the safe and reliable operation of the vehicle are repaired. It is then given a service - oil change, new oil filter, new air filter, etc. Finally it is given a thorough road test to make sure it runs efficiently and reliably. Please feel free to get an independent opinion on the mechanical condition of the vehicle that you're interested in.
All vehicles have current wof and rego. If you wish vehicles can be equipped with camping gear.

Estima 2004/2005 Sleepervans

Estima 2004/2005 Sleepervans

Fully Self Contained and Not Self Contained.

Automatic. Petrol.
Easy and safe cruiser with airbags, ABS, aircon, central locking, electric windows, and all the mod cons.

Most of them have already been converted into a cosy wee camper for two. With double bed and storage and all camping equipment.

Some of them still have the rear seats - great for three oder four people with luggage, camping equipment etc and the 2.4l engine ist strong enough to get you up the Southern Alps no worries ;0) The seats can be folded down for the occasional night in the van.

Estima 2005 Fully Self Contained

Estima 2005 Fully Self Contained Automatic. 2.4l Petrol. Low km.
Fully self contained!

First generation backpacker vehicle = interior, mattress, chairs, table, kitchen equipment, water tanks, toilet, etc BRAND NEW!

Compact little camper with everything you need for a comfortable and independent journey for two.
Double bed convertable to table with seats, camp kitchen in the rear, toilet, etc.
Safe, easy and fun to drive with ABS, airbags, central locking, theft control etc.

And as usual: New WoF, fully serviced, buyback guarantee!

Mazda MPV 2004-2006

Mazda MPV 2004-2006

Automatic. Petrol. Comfortable sleeper-car for two people. Double bed in the back with adequate storage for luggage and camping equipment. Air con, electric windows, central locking, airbags etc.

Nissan Presage 2002-2005

Nissan Presage 2002-2005

Automatic. Petrol.
small sleepervan roomy enough for two people plus luggage. Easy and safe cruiser with air con, central locking, electric windows, and all the mod cons. Low mileage! Rear seats swapped for a cosy bed :0)

Nissan Vanette 2000-2003

Nissan Vanette 2000-2003
Automatic. Petrol.
The typical backpacker vans in our fleet!
Cosy double bed with plenty of storage room underneath.
Same deal as with all our buyback vehicles: fully equipped with camping gear, new WoF and service and our advice and service free of charge of course :0)

Nissan Wingroad 2004-2006

Nissan Wingroad 2004-2006

Automatic. Petrol.
Compact wagon with airbags, ABS, central locking, aircon, electr. windows etc. Enough space for up to three people plus luggage. Rear seats can be folded down for an occasional night in the car. Or grab a tent out of our chaotic second hand camping storage and off you go and enjoy your independent New Zealand adventure! :0)

Corolla 2001 Hatchback / Fliessheck (sold)

Corolla 2001 Hatchback / Fliessheck

Automatic. Petrol.
Comfortable car with enough room for 2 to 3 people plus luggage. Central locking, electric windows, airbags, abs, etc. Foldable back seats.

Ford Falcon 2006 (sold)

Ford Falcon 2006

Automatic. Petrol.
Spacious wagon suitable for 3 to 4 people plus luggage. Enough power for New Zealand's hills and mountains. comfortable and safe with air con, airbags, abs, cruise control, etc

Honda Odyssey 2000 (sold)

Honda Odyssey 2000

Automatic. Petrol. Low km.
Compact little sleepervan for 2.
Built in double bed in the rear with storage underneath. Second hand camping equipment included.

Mazda Premacy 1999 (sold)

Mazda Premacy 1999
Automatic. Petrol.
Compact and cosy sleepervan for two people. Easy to drive, sufficient storage, sleeps two in the back. All the camping equipment free with our buyback agreement.

Nissan Bluebird 2005 (sold)

Nissan Bluebird 2005

Automatic. Petrol.
Air con, electric windows, airbags. Comfortable car for long journeys for up to two/three people - depending on the luggage ;0) Economic.

Nissan Primera 1999 (sold)

Nissan Primera 1999
Automatic. Petrol.
Air con, airbags, central locking, electric windows, etc. Comfortable and economic car for long journeys. Luggage can be stored out of sight in the boot.

Nissan Sunny 2004 (sold)

Nissan Sunny 2004

automatic. Petrol.
Air con, electric windows, airbag, central locking. Comfortable little car for long journeys. Economic. Nobody can see your belongings in the boot.

Nissan Vanette 2000 (sold)

Nissan Vanette 2000

Manual. Petrol.
Ideal campervan for two backpackers. Simple, no fuss but with everything you need for a great tour around New Zealand. Ready to go with double bed, storage, camping stuff, road maps, etc.

Primera 2001 Stationwagon / Kombi (sold)

Primera 2001 Stationwagon / Kombi
Manual. Petrol.
Spacious car with lots of room for luggage. Central locking, electric windows, aircon, etc. Foldable back seats for an occasional night in the car.

Toyota Estima 1993 - 1999 (sold)

Toyota Estima 1993 - 1999

Automatic. Petrol.
Very popular compact and cosy backpacker van :0) Easy to drive, comfortable and reliable. Ready to go with everything you need for your independent New Zealand adventure. Two seats in the front, double bed in the back.

Toyota Gaia 1998 (sold)

Toyota Gaia 1998

Automatic. Petrol.
Estima's "little brother' :0)
Easy to drive, comfortable and reliable. Perfect for three to four people plus luggage and camping equipment :0)

Maintenance Tips

That road conditions and the availability of road side service are often not the same as for example in Germany. Therefore we strongly recommend doing the following checks & services to help insure a more trouble free and enjoyable holiday:
  • Check oil & water daily
  • Change oil and service vehicle every 5,000km, incl. oil filter change and air filter clean
  • Periodically check the tyre pressure and make sure they are well pumped up
  • Stop the car immediately and seek advice if you notice anything out of the ordinary, especially unusual noise, raising temperature, etc
It doesn't take much to look after your 'trusty transport' but these little things can make a big difference. Not only will it be better for the engine and help prevent nasty surprises it will also help reduce fuel consumption.